Natural pest control

How to prepare a natural pesticide from Asimina triloba that is ecological, fully natural and most importantly very effective.

Here is an example of treatment of black aphids with aqueous Asimina extract.


Blank Aphids before tr

crne usi na bezgu pred

Before treatment



crne usi na bezgu po 2

Black Aphids after treatment

18 hours after treatment.

All aphids were destroyed.



Asimina triloba naturally contains defense mechanisms against insects. The only insect that feeds on Asimina leaves is the caterpillar of Zebra swallowtail butterflies (Eurytides marcellus), but this beautiful butterfly does not pose a threat to the plant. Seeds, bark and leaves contain annonaceous acetogenins that exhibit cytotoxic activity.

We can use this property of Asimina and prepare our own completely natural insecticide that can safely protect our plants against plant foraging insects.

Prepared water extract made from water and leaves of Asimina triloba can be used as a natural pesticide for virtually any plant like fruit trees, decorative shrubs, chili and so much more

Preparation of a natural and functional pesticide is not a difficult task. First we need to obtain some plant material from Asimina triloba. While bark, small twigs and seeds contain highest quantities of active ingredients leaves that fall off in the fall can also be used. What needs to be done is collect the material (leaves) in the fall and dry it completely. Dried material can be stored for a longer time and can be used in the spring. About 1 g of dried leaves are broken into smaller pieces and are placed in a beaker with 200 mL of water. A dab of liquid hand soap or a detergent for dishes is added and the mix is stirred a couple of times during the 3 hour extraction. Then the mixture is filtered using a coffee filter or a paper kitchen towel. Filtered extract is then diluted up to 5 liters with water. The dilution can now be sprayed onto plants.

The extract can be kept a couple of days at room temperature and much longer if refrigerated. Spray in the early morning or evening, when bees are not present and use personal protection (gloves, eye protection and mist protection). While Asimina triloba water extract is not poisonous, some people have shown an allergy reaction when in contact with Asimina plant material. If skin rash, dizziness or general sickness develop when handling Asimina plant material discontinue the use of Asimina products or pay special attention to use personal protection devices fully and properly.

Preparation of ECO pesticide

Download the pdf: Preparation of ECO pesticide